Goat Canyon Quarry Restoration

Soil from the Model Marsh excavation was hauled approximately ¾ mile to an inland stockpile site located in Goat Canyon adjacent to an abandoned gravel quarry on the west slope of Spooner’s Mesa.

In Fall 2000, the quarry slopes were reconstructed, stabilized and planted with maritime succulent scrub, a coastal habitat found in only a few areas of San Diego County. Steep slopes were reinforced with geotextiles and jute netting. Maritime succulent scrub seeds were collected from target plant species in the immediate project vicinity and were broadcast over the reconstructed slopes prior to the onset of winter rains.

An irrigation system was installed in Spring 2001 to assist in the establishment and persistence of seed that germinated during the winter. A monitoring and maintenance program will extend over a period of at least five years to assure that the reconstructed slopes are stable and that the habitat is successful.